Our Team

We have assembled an expert team of professionals to act as liaisons, administrators and directors of the Ghana Investment Tour business sectors representing offices in the United States and our local partners in Ghana.

US Domestic Companies

D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency, LLC (USA) provides support to our clients interested in international business, government elections, campaigns and elections. We have advised on marketing and economic development initiatives in at least 5 international countries and have partnered with others to develop and execute fully integrated public affairs, development and startup campaigns. Our world-class strategists understand and optimize all of our projects including: community development, portfolio creation, federal, state and local government, politics, procurement and grant application efforts, initiatives and startup administration, as well as public outreach campaigns

Manchester Group & Associates, LLC is a strategic advisory company that works with foreign governments, corporations or individuals looking to improve their relationship with the U.S. government or looking to do business with U.S. companies; further, we provide assistance to U.S. companies looking to penetrate foreign markets by facilitating introductions and developing the roadmap for business to business engagement; and, we bring solutions to projects, companies or countries by developing management structure or facilitating transactions.

African Companies

United Media Group is a local Ghanaian based media outlet that will provide us with local coverage to build a digital and public outreach campaign that will inform the local area as well as the US market of the opportunities for tourism, development and low housing options for US and foreign individuals, corporations and businesses to invest in the project for the long term of the investment. They will also provide local public outreach campaign for rural farmers to advertise their products for sale through our intake center for export to other regions.

Banakayi Nakia Tshifunda Interior and Architectural Design Banakayi means, “a child of the world.” It was handed down to me from my Congolese grandmother. I am a creative specializing in Interior Design and Architecture, with 15 years of experience in the industry. I believe in the design of connectivity, and my calling is to share inspired vision through elevated expression. As the product of international parents, I bring to my work an infusion of cultures and a diversity of ideas. A true child of the world.

F.K. Sarpong Enterprise is a Ghanaian small business enterprise that will allow us to connect the import/export industry for our local farmers to export their commodities to other parts of the region. This helps us to create our supply chain so that the customers of Wholesome Nutrients can get their product to market or sell directly to us at the proposed intake centers that will house the cold storage for the area, warehouses and dry storage facilities.