Our Mission

To establish business opportunities for the Diaspora to invest in Ghana to create jobs, empower women and youth and build legacies through investment to assist black people globally.

Ghana national flag

Why Now?

“Africa’s the only place in the world where Black people can go and build Fortune 500 companies from scratch within five years.” – Rapper Akon

Why Us?

For 400 years African descendants have been physically and mentally enslaved all over the world as colonialism ripped apart and entire continent. Now, in 2019 the call to “Take Back Africa” is upon us and we must take ownership and responsibility in how the next 400 years is shaped. Descendants of Africans in the Diaspora are being called home to Africa to re-connect with their ancestral home and invest in the future. Africa is home to the 4th Industrial Revolution and with the spending power, education and skills of the Diaspora now is the time to build our legacies for the future!