Industry Sectors

The Ghana Investment Tour focuses on eight key industry sectors for investment that will shape the future of the legacy of Ghana. Each of these industry sectors includes three small to medium sized projects in various stages of development for our investors to tour.


Africa feeds the world and agriculture is 70% of Ghana’s GDP with commodities of cash crops and livestock. Our investors have the opportunity to lease/purchase land, build supply chains models, intake centers and healthier food products for import/export.


The rising cost of tuition, lack of primary school facilities and increasing need for technology is holding back the success of Ghana’s youth. Ghana is the Silicon Valley of Africa and with a investment in the education sector investors provides youth with the necessary tools to build our future.


The West African market has some of the most popular cross over artists on the planet. In music, film and the arts there are multiple opportunities for our investors to take advantage of this very young and growing industry. Ghana has the potential they just need the investment to grow.


Ghana has a welcoming environment for construction with a high volume of available workforce, extremely low material costs and increasing demand for housing. The growing middle class has created an environment eager and willing to build.


Ghana is the fastest growing tourism destination in Africa with affordable and luxurious experiences from ocean side restaurants to 5 star hotels. The deep culture and history of hospitality give our investors a feeling of home and feature amenities very familiar to Western lifestyle.


Roads, bridges railways, utilities and telecommunications are vital for economic growth and stability in Ghana. With a growing urban center and vast opportunities throughout the region our investors will literally build the foundation for the Ghanas’ future economic growth.

Real Estate

The growing middle class of the Ghanaian people and the increasing interest in repatriation of the Diaspora the real estate market is ideal for investment. From creating AirBnB to single family homes and commercial development the real estate sector is one of most prosperous and familiar industry sectors for our investors.


The President of Ghana has a mandate to decrease agricultural exportation from the country by building processing facilities to take advantage of the global market. The One District One Factory initiative creates investment opportunities to provide supply chains, storage and facilities.