Ghana Investment Tour! Akwaaba!

The Ghana Investment Tour launches their website for the small business investment incubator created by an African American female after traveling to Ghana earlier this year. The “Year of Return” has excited millions of African Americans from the United States to repatriate to the continent and we want them to start businesses” says the creator of the tour, Ms. Davisha L. Johnson. The tour covers 8 different industry sectors that take investors to three projects in each sector over a 7 day period. With 24 different projects to view investors from around the globe receive all the project information in advance and after paying their fees are afforded the opportunity to have private tours of these 24 projects and decide which is the best investment for them. After a welcome weekend of culture, shopping and beaches there are 4 full days of tours of investment opportunities and everything is covered. From meals, to transportation even entertainment options for a night out, the Ghana Investment Tour provides the most inclusive, professional and holistic experience an investor can have. Akwaaba!

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